Reviews for Abby Hollander Band

"This one's a keeper.  Keep an eye on the Abby Hollander Band."

                                              - John Lawless, Bluegrass Today

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"...a supple singing voice..."  including, 'jazz inflected meditiations', 'straight up bluegrass thumpers', and 'plaintive, love-troubled songs'

                                               - Jeff Clapp, Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association

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Live at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC, 7/12/16

Michael Daves's Fifth Annual Brooklyn Bluegrass Bash, 10/30/16

More Videos

@ Podunk Bluegrass Festival 8/11/16 - "Back When We Could've Been In Love" 

@ Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival 7/18/15 - "Let the Whole World Talk"

@ Ossipee Valley Music Festival 7/25/15 - "Green Highway Home"